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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A good soaking

We had a full day of rain yesterday so the garden should explode in the next few days.. we seem to be surrounded by foxgloves at the moment that were not there last year.. I will post some more photos asap.

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  1. Hmmm, seems a very long time since your last post (!), especially with all this frighteningly bad weather we've been experiencing so relentlessly since before Christmas 2013 - pity the poor birds, livestock, wildfowl, horses, badgers, foxes, feral cats etc erc - where do you go to when your sett, stable or hovel is flooded or your tree branch split asunder?

    Like you - I can tell from your earlier posts about Scruffy and so on - you have a real love for wildlife, as we do too and try to make as sure as we can that food and titbits are out there and available for them whatever the weather.

    As to our star performers - we have two adult Red Kites living nearby (nor quite sure where, yet close) but a pair that hunt, wheel and soar over our home and garden every day - such a delight. If I can work out how to do it and manage to get a photo or two of them, I'll post them on your site.

    Not sure whether I'll be writing to dead space / empty air now, but worth a shot anyway, as sometime occupants of Budby Castle were / are known and dearly loved by us.

    What are you like at repairing broken ride-on mowers? Now there's a clue...

    Pip, pip, here's hoping you and Budby have not been flooded out

    Love to all