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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Rain has arrived... at last

After nearly two months without any serious rain, last night the garden got a good soaking and this morning everything seems to have perked up (as you can see from the photo) This photo is taken from my desk in the study and I have to say is quite distracting when you are trying to work, as there is always something happening on the lawn or the bird feeders from acrobatic squirrels to cute, but very destructive rabbits and of course the moles, which turn you into a completely irrational gibbering OCD victim, but that story is for another day.
 It is quite interesting how your values change when moving to the country, having lived in a city for the majority of my life, I was a typical "Townie" where rabbits were little fluffy things that lived in a luxury timber maisonette and moles where admired, from a distance for their engineering and earth moving capabilities. Your opinions start to change when, having returned from the garden centre with a boot full of plants and a hole in you wallet that not even Mr Mole could fill.  You have spent the whole of your Sunday planting and creating a beautiful, colourful and aesthetically pleasing landscape, only to be confronted on Monday morning with total destruction from the terrorist organisation better known as RFFFF (Rabbit Free Food Fighting Force) these guys will eat anything!! So from going from a hunting conscientious objector I know find myself trawling the Internet for "Rabbit Control" which always ends in looking at pictures of the latest anti RFFFF deterrents.... more commonly known as guns.

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